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Coca-Cola Commercial Beverage Dispenser / Refrigerator

Product#: AM04922410 CVF18 B01M3UU02S
CHF 398.00
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For 10 cans à 330 ml. Door with transparent window to make the contents clearly visible.
Thermoelectric cooling.
Without compressors.
Cools to 22 degrees below ambient temperature.
With beverage distribution at the touch of a button.
Portable mini fridge.
Retro Coca-Cola machine.
Ideal for the summer.
The ideal gift for those who collect Coca-Cola products.

4.1 x 33 x 65.4 cm

The retro-style drinks cooler holds up to 10 cans (355 ml)
Thermoelectric cooling, no compressors
Cools to 22 ° C below ambient temperature
With push button sale
Classic, nostalgic Coca-Cola graphics and design
High window display
12V dc and 110v ac cables included
Can be connected to any 12 Volt socket or household socket