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Charcoal grill professional XXL

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The most atmospheric BBQ

Delight your guests with the typical smell, the atmospheric crackle and the unmistakable smoke flavor of the food! Also important with the charcoal grill: Work with direct heat (for the delicious roasted flavors) and indirect heat (for gentle final cooking), placing the coals only under one part of the grate. So you use all the possibilities of classic barbecues optimally!

Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Commercial suitable: Yes
Number of roles: 4
Removable grease tray: no
Removable Ash Tray: Yes
Device Type: Charcoal Grill
Mode: Charcoal
Color: White
Material fire pan: steel, powder-coated
Material charcoal pan: steel
Casing material: Steel
Material grill surface: stainless steel
Grill area Grill chamber (L x W): 160 x 90 cm
Size of the grill area: 160 x 90 cm
Product height: 102 cm
Product width: 178 cm
Product depth: 91 cm
Working height: 92 cm - 101 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Equipment: 2 grill pans, 4 stainless steel grilles, floor shelf, with 4 wheels, windscreen
Side table available: no
Scope of supply: weather protection cover
Special features: 2 separate barbecue areas, height-adjustable grill grates
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