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5Lt Kühlschrank Getränke Dispenser/-Behälter 5Lt oder 10 Lt

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Arrow Home Products 00744 Slimline Beverage Container, 2.5-gallon, Clear Slimline 1.25-Gal

  • Robuste und kompakte Getränkebehälter in viele Räume zu passen
  • Erbaut im Griff für einfachen Transport
  • Großer Öffnung so auffüllen, indem Eis etc. ist einfach und leicht
  • Füllen Sie mit Ihrem Lieblingsgetränk, Wasser, Eistee, Saft oder pulverförmigen Drink mix
  • Made in USA
  • Artikelgewicht 272 g
    Produktabmessungen 39,4 x 7 x 24,1 cm
    Material Kunststoff

4.73 lt

7cm x 42cm x 24.45cm

Slimline Fridge Jugs

 1.25 gal. Slimline Fridge Jug 2-3/4" x 16-1/2" x 9-5/8" h 
Our Slimline Fridge Jug holds over a gallon of milk, water, or tea yet requires less than 3" of refrigerator shelf space. Our 2.5 gallon Slimline Fridge Jug holds twice as much in just 5-1/2" of shelf space. Space-savvy, clear, and unbreakable, these jugs feature a truly leak-proof spigot, a grip handle, and a wide-mouth opening for easy filling. We recommend hand washing. 

To prevent leaks, ensure that the two portions of the spout are assembled properly. The first part screws into the jug itself; the second part is the actual spout. The operation of moving the spout can loosen the two portions of the spout - make sure the two parts are suitably tightened and the spout should not leak.

This 1.25 gallon, slimline beverage container comes with a white easy touch spout for dispensing and a screw on cap for filling. It has convenient carry handle and fits easily inside your refrigerator for easy dispensing. Fill with your favorite beverage, water, iced tea, juice, or powdered drink mix. Ideal for parties, picnics or sporting events. Container is BPA free.