Set of 4 LED Color Changing angels

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Set of 4 LED angels, they look beautiful when placed together, or equally stunning when placed at multiple places in the room.

The colours of the LED mood light blends from green to blue, to purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and back to green. The transactions are soothing and do not blink. This frosted textured angel shaped LED light is mesmerizingly beautiful when it changes through its colour cycles and helps create a picturesque atmosphere appropriate for all occasions.

The colour changing LED light is enchanting mood lighting at its best whether at home, in a store or office, indoors or outdoors. These lights are perfect for all occasions especially romantic dinners and anniversaries as the LED light do not blink; the colours blend from one colour to the next for beautiful relaxing mood lighting. You really have to see these lights to appreciate them. Photos do not come close to doing them justice. 

Use either on its own or in multiples to create stunning stylish mood lighting displays and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Battery operated, simply switch on, relax and enjoy anywhere!

The angels are 9cm tall and approx 5.5cm wide each. They weigh approx 44g each, batteries are included.